Our Brand Story

What do people want? Well, they all want nice hair! Their hair doesn't feel like it used to when they were younger; But there's just one problem –


As we age, our bodies Produces less of these important minerals required for good hair development. This is why treatments like ours are so popular: we've discovered ways to get those nutrients directly into your bloodstream via topical application, resulting in more beautiful hair for you every day


Our product developed by a world-renowned dermatologist and chemist. Hairs Factor targets key ingredients that activate the body’s natural ability to grow healthy, shiny hair


The name says it all! Hair Factor is a line of hair serums that are designed to help you look and feel your best. We have variety of serums according to your needs: from thinning hair to oily scalp; from brittle nails to dry cuticles; from acne-prone skin to dark under eye circles; from weak muscles to joint pain... the list goes on and on, your good Hair is our only goal!